Home Computer Packages

Home Computer Packages

Wise I.T.  Computer Home Packages

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Labor Charge

$95.00 for the first hour

$70.00  for each subsequent hour


(Same day emergency calls are an extra $35.00 an hour)

These rates do not include parts.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

List of our services


Wireless Network Setup $80.00

Setup Router and Modem
Password protect your router
Create Network Key
Make sure Firewall is working
Make sure Remote login is disabled

(up to 3 devices)
examples: Laptop, Desktop, Printer
PC Tune-Up $150.00

Disk defragmentation
Disk Clean-Up
Browser Clean-Up
Registry Clean-Up
Adjust Start-Up Items
System Optimization
Free Software provided for future clean-ups
Does not include virus removal
Data Transfer $100.00

10GB data transfer from one computer to another
or transfer 10GB from a still working hard drive to a new computer
or transfer 10GB from a still working hard drive or computer to an
external hard drive (external hard drive not included)
PC Set-Up $175.00

Perform system analysis (make sure system is working correctly)
Set up user accounts, and passwords
Install 3 software titles (total)Software not included
Free Anti Virus Software
Customize desktop backgrounds & screensavers
Download & install Windows updates
Create system restore CDs or DVD
Data Back-Up System $150.00

Full backup of your operating system, applications, settings and
personal files
Build schedules for future backups
Software provided
Backup will be made to a second internal hard drive or an
external hard drive (not included)
P.C. Diagnostics Test $100.00
(Perform system analysis to identify hardware failures or conflicts)

Memory Test
Hard Disk Test
Optical Drive Test
Display Test
Keyboard Test
Mouse Test
Modem Test

Note: Hardware repairs based on the diagnosis will require additional fees.
All Services are On Site in your Home

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