Report Dell Phone Scam

Report Dell Phone ScamIf you have a Dell computer you may have been or will be contacted by a company claiming to be Dell Computers. These cold call computer support scammers are nothing new, but these scammers are tricky, they mask the Dell Support number and even have information that Dell might only have. Their main scare tactic is telling you that your computer is infected with a virus and they need to take remote control of your computer, Don’t Let Them! Don’t worry the best thing Dell Say’s “If you have been contacted by someone claiming to be from Dell and feel it is a scam, you can help us stop cybercriminals by reporting information about your interaction with them. Completing this form allows us to investigate the issue further.”

Just go to and fill out the form, you will need to provide either a Service Tag or Express Service Code which you can locate on the back or bottom of your device. (here is a link to on how to Locate Service Tag or Express Service Code) Once you have completed the form Dell will submit a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission and place your telephone number on a Do Not Call List even if you are already on a Do Not Call List still fill out the form so your number is associated with the Report Dell Phone Scam.

If you do feel your computer has a virus give us a call (949) 682 -WISE (9473) we a re the best at Virus Removal in Orange County. You may also contact us if you have a question or comment or if you would like to book a technician online please click here.